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Why Join a Youth Council? | How to Join a Youth Council
How to Start a Youth Council

Why Join a LULAC Youth Council?

Not only is joining a LULAC Youth Council easy, but it's also loaded with benefits for you. Here are just a few of the exciting experiences and opportunities that LULAC Youth enjoy:

  • LULAC Youth learn to be better activists, public speakers, leaders, and role models
  • Travel all over the country in the LULAC Youth National Convention, University of Mexico / LULAC Leadership Program, and the Washington Youth Leadership Seminar
  • Access to the LULAC Nation Scholarship Fund
  • Join over 1,000 friends in councils across the nation
  • Boost your college applications and resumes
  • Get involved in serving your community

Join a LULAC Youth Council

Anyone age 13 to 20 can join a Youth Council by following just a few simple steps!

1. Click the following link to see where LULAC Councils are located.

Find a LULAC Council

2. On that page click on your state to see a list of the councils in your state.

3. Any council listed with a Y after the council number is a Youth Council. Look for one in your area, and the contact information provided.

4. Contact the Youth Council in your area and get involved!

If there is no LULAC Youth Council in your state or in your area, why not start one? 

Start a LULAC Youth Council

Starting a LULAC Youth Council is just as easy as joining one!

1. Find a LULAC Council, State Deputy Director, or District Director for Youth to sponsor and guide your Youth Council.

2. Get 10 of your friends to help start the council.

3. Follow the instructions and complete the forms.

4. Start getting involved in all the LULAC Youth activities including the Washington Youth Leadership Program, Youth National Convention, and UNM/LULAC Youth Leadership Academy.

For more information about starting a council, or if you have any questions, contact Lupe Morales, National Director of Membership Services at 915-577-0726 or via e-mail at GMorales@lulac.org.



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