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Question of the Week

Is the 2010 Census over yet?

NO! Help your neighbors! Ask a friend about their census form. Call your mom. Email your brother. Text your best friend. Blog about the 2010 Census. Update your status on Facebook. Tweet about the 2010 Census. Go to your favorite restaurant and talk to people about the census. Bug your bus driver. Make sure your community is counted! Remind your neighborhood, your family and your friends that each one of them is worth at least $1500 in federal funding.

CLICK HERE to check out YOUR COMMUNITY and hit the streets! You can see where to target areas where more census outreach is needed. Let's get our community counted!.

Question of the Week

I received my census form. I filled it out. I mailed it back. Now what?

CONGRATULATIONS! Voting aside, you have just participated in one of the strongest tools of empowerment in the United States. You stood up and you chose to be counted - for yourself, your family and your community. NOW, the best thing for you to do is ask everyone you know if they filled out their census forms. Ask your parents, ask your co-workers, ask your teachers, ask your neighbors, ask your waitress. The more people who are counted in your community, the more funds that come back to your community and the louder your collective voices will be in the halls of Congress.

Census Mail Participation Rates

A great tool that is new this time is tracking the Census Mail Participation Rates. Click here to see how much your community is participating (or NOT participating) in the census 2010. This is a great resource for seeing where work needs to be done. We strongly encourage you all to use it!

Homeland Security and ICE position about the Census 2010

Click here to see the letter from Secretary Napolitano to Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez, Chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus emphasizing the safety of everyone’s answers. (PDF Format)...

Census Form: Questions #8 and #9

Confusion about Question Number 8 (the Hispanic origin question) and Question Number 9 (the race question).

Question Number 8. It is a YES or NO question. All Latinos have the following options:
YES, Mexican, Mexican American, Chicano
YES, Puerto Rican
YES, Cuban
YES, another Hispanic, Latino or Spanish origin ( Here is where you can write in whatever you want: Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, Spaniard, Dominican, Colombian, and so on).

Question Number 9 this question can be confusing because of our mixed heritage sometimes there is no CLEAR spot where Latinos fit in. The best advice we can offer Latinos is to check off as many boxes that apply to them OR to check off “Some Other Race” and write in what they identify with (indigenous, Aztec, Chicano, Latino, Hispanic, Chicana, Latina, mestiza and so on). There is no right or wrong answer and funding to/representation of Latinos in Congress will not be affected by the boxes checked off in Question Number 9.

Take the LULAC 2010 Census Pledge Today!

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Click here to download the Hagase Contar Fact Sheet Flyer in English (PDF Format)...

Haga click aquí para bajar el Folleto de Hagase Contar en Español (Formato PDF)...

Question of the Week

What are the 2010 Census basics? Click here for the answer...

Ideas to Get You Started

If you are just starting to organize 2010 Census events, don’t worry – we have lots of ideas to get you started. Click here to read more...

About the Form. Click here to read about the 2010 Census form...

The Questions on the Form: One of the shortest forms in history - 10 Questions in 10 Minutes. Click here to read more...

Las preguntas del formulario: una de los cuestionarios más cortos de la historia - 10 preguntas en 10 minutos. Haga click aquí para ver el formulario Inglés/Español (en formato PDF)...

Census 2010: Apply for a Job. Click here to read more...

News & Alerts

Press Release: A Victory in the Senate with the Halt of the Vitter Amendment
... click here to read more.

Action Alert: LULAC Opposes Vitter-Bennett Amendment: Call Your Senator Today!
... click here to read more or download the talking points (PDF format).


US Census Bureau 2010 Census Website.

US Census Bureau: Página del Censo del 2010 (Español).

Telemundo: Hazte Contar! (Español).

Nonprofits Count.

Ya es Hora: Hágase Contar!.

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For the hearing-impaired, dial TDD 1-866-783-2010 (during the times noted above.

LULAC National President Rosa Rosales Speaks About the Importance of the 2010 Census

Censo 2010 (Español) - (Duration Time: 4 min. 19 secs.)


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