Resolution - Memorial for Manuel Marquez, Past California State Director (1986-1990).

WHEREAS, the League of United Latin American Citizens is the nation’s oldest and largest Latino membership organization and since its inception has fostered higher education and the advancement of all Hispanics at all levels and facets of our American society; and
WHEREAS, the LULAC founders were inspirational in paving new avenues for future generations by initiating political and legal actions in the noble quest to combat blatant and overt discrimination; and
WHEREAS, today we still have our elder LULAC members that have had the honor and privilege to learn and serve under the many of the forefather of LULAC. Unequivocally, these elders in LULAC have taken on the role of founders and for several decades have carried the torch with honor, respect, integrity, loyalty and fervor; and
WHEREAS, LULAC has now entered its 80th year and several of our elder LULAC members have passed on the torch to the future generations. Every year, we have faced the inevitable by the loss of loved ones. Our parents and grandparents have preserved the ideals and legacy of honor; and
WHEREAS, individuals like Manuel Marquez, founding member –LULAC Council 245 and icon to California LULAC recently passed away in November 2008. He was a mentor to several LULAC leaders not only in the state of California, but throughout the country. The authors of this resolution have served director under his tutelage. Under his leadership, California was at its prime. He was responsible for developing over 129 councils. He was a champion in civil rights and was a firm believer in the LULAC code, aims and purposes of our beloved League and
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the League support a memorial, which should include the creation of either a scholarship and/ or a National Award in Manuel Marquez’ name and this honor be given at ever subsequent National LULAC Convention, and

FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED that The League adopt this memorial and direct both the National President and Executive Director to include a criteria at the discretion of the National President or Awards Committee. If this is given as a scholarship, the National President should have discretion to award it to any, LULAC Youth Officer that has demonstrated outstaying leadership.* If awarded as an Adult or Young Adult Annual Award, the Award should be either in the area of civil rights or membership and organizing.

Approved this 18th day of July 2009.

Rosa Rosales
LULAC National President