Resolution - Supporting Production of the Tomato King Movie.

WHEREAS, Arturo Ruiz Esparza and his wife Deborah have written a script commemorating the life of Andres Bermudez the Mexican farmworker known as the Tomato King; and
WHEREAS,  Arturo seeks to develop this story into a feature film; and
WHEREAS, the script is a powerful epic story of a poor Mexican immigrant, who immigrates to the US as an undocumented worker and through hard work, skill as a farmworker and his inventiveness becomes a well-respected, financially successful, and legal US resident, and
WHEREAS,  the script depicts Bermudez's tenacity despite several deportations to keeps his family together. Ultimately, Bermudez prevails and is credited with inventing a planting method that increased the per acre yield and profit of California grown tomatoes by 40%, hence forth earning the name "Tomato King”; and
WHEREAS, Andres Bermudez made his mark working in California agriculture working an immigrate farmworker, a vocation not known for its upward mobility; and
WHEREAS, the script depicts how some Anglos in the Central Valley of California helped Mr. Bermudez succeed; and
WHEREAS, Arturo Ruiz Esparza obtained the rights to the Tomato King story prior to the death of Andres Bermudez who lost his battle with cancer last February in Houston, Texas; and
WHEREAS, Arturo Ruiz Esparza makes his home near Dallas; and
WHEREAS, Arturo Ruiz Esparza has submitted his script to LULAC for support in making the Andres Bermudez the Tomato King into a movie.
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that this resolution shall serve to encourage investors to support the Tomato King Movie, and upon its successful release as a feature film, LULAC councils everywhere are encouraged to patronize the Tomato King movie.

Approved this 18th day of July 2009.

Rosa Rosales
LULAC National President