Resolution - Farm Worker Heat Deaths Since 2004.

WHEREAS, fifteen farm workers have died in the fields of California since 2004 because of heat and lack of water and proper rest periods; and
WHEREAS, the United Farm Workers have struggled to prevent the death of farm workers and sought legislation requiring water and proper rest periods; and
WHEREAS, despite the passage of a labor law requiring agribusiness to provide water and proper rest, violations of these laws continue be ignored by unscrupulous labor contracts and growers, resulting in deaths of farm workers in the fields; and
WHEREAS, these violations are human rights violations taking place in the United States;
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, the 80th National Convention delegates, gathered in Puerto Rico during July 2009, support a complaint be made by the National LULAC Board to the United Nations Human Rights Commission of these violations leading to the deaths of farm workers in America, as well as to the Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis, President Obama, and Congressional leadership; furthermore, LULAC calls upon the United Nations and U.S. Congress to investigate these human rights violations and hold congressional hearings in the fields (similar to those held by Senator Bobby Kennedy in 1968).

Approved this 18th day of July 2009.

Rosa Rosales
LULAC National President