Resolution - Oppose National ID.

WHEREAS, the LULAC National Commission on Immigrant Affairs (LNCIA) is LULAC’s official voice in regards to all immigration related issues.
WHEREAS, the main objective for LNCIA is to promote a humane Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR)
WHEREAS, any bill promoting CIR must protect the civil, human and labor rights of Immigrants living and contributing to this Nation
WHEREAS, LNCIA is committed to support Hispanic/ Latino working families and their labor rights.
WHEREAS, LNCIA support ideas proposed in the concept introduced by current Members of Congress calling for a bill that fixes the current broken immigration system.
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED Hereby, the LULAC National Commission on Immigrant Affairs proposes the following resolution to the LULAC General Assembly:
1.)    To oppose any and all items, actions and proposals that lead to a National ID, because among others, it places working families across America in risk of losing their jobs due to a clerical error, omission and/ or any other human error.

Approved this 18th day of July 2009.

Rosa Rosales
LULAC National President