Resolution - Supporting the Family Pharmacies (Farmacia del Barrio)

Whereas, we have seen the fraud that has occurred with the Medicare and medical system in the United States. This has caused many in the industry that have been law abiding citizens to suffer. Seeing their small businesses and the integrity of their patients be in jeopardy. It is generally accepted in the global community that health should be considered a fundamental human right; and
Whereas, the lack of adequate communication between the family pharmacies “farmacia del barrio" and the federal regulatory agencies has created a situation that is forcing many to close down; and
Whereas, these are 46 million citizens uninsured in the United States, 16% of the population. Those that do have health care and/Medicare are suffering to receive health care as the federal system sometimes takes up to one year to pay the family pharmacies “farmacia del barrio” and therefore they cannot give service to their clients; and
Whereas, the current system assist the large pharmacies and franchises to control the market. They do not not have the individualized attention to the patient, to deliver the medicine to their home, to know the needs of each patient, to take them the oxygen or other health related service they need; and
Whereas, the HMO's, hospitals and large pharmaceutical are raking in billions of dollars a month. One large HMO can factor over 24 million dollars a month. This leaving the small family pharmacy "farmacia del barrio" to provide individual direct care and/or alternative medicine to needed health services, resulting in higher levels of mortality; and
Whereas, these large companies do not go through the rigorous regu lations through CMS ( Center of Medicare and Medicare System) that t he small pharmacies and health related business are forced to; and
Whereas, Hispanics and other minorities in the United States are more likely and use the family pharmacies or "farmacia del barrio" as they disproportionately lack insurance, consequent have an increase of disease; and
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that LULAC petition the United States Congress and the President to adopt a policy of Family Pharmacy “Farmacia del Barrio” for the small business, similar to the distribution of region as the ALF (Adult Living Facility) and this concept be reviewed by a commission and to be streamlined not to take over 45 days of revision. This will assist the economic development of our country create jobs and maintain the individual care of minority parents. Furthermore, a panel of Family Pharmacy “Farmacia del Barrio” business owners would be formed to assist in the interactive dialogue.

Approved this 18th day of July 2009.

Rosa Rosales
LULAC National President