Resolution - U. S. Agency for International Development.

WHEREAS, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in implementing international assistance programs as mandated by Congress and the President is our face to the world representing American values of democracy, diversity and inclusion; and,
WHEREAS, USAID's Hispanic workforce has through the years been severely underrepresented at an average rate of only 4% annually and less than 0.25% in its senior ranks during the last 20 years; and,
WHEREAS, USAID's historically poor representation of Hispanic employees ranks it as one of the worst performers in this area of all federal agencies according to a recent OPM report;
WHEREAS, previous Presidential Executive-Orders have failed to significantly to motivate the agency to improve in said area; and,
WHEREAS, there are up to 10 Senate confirmed Presidential Appointments still pending for the agency; and,
WHEREAS, LULAC has a specific legislative agenda interest in promoting economic development programs in developing countries, especially in geographic areas of the Latin America and Caribbean; and
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that LULAC through its political liaison arm requests the President and Congress to show their agreement to this resolution by placing qualified Hispanic Americans in high leadership positions including those of USAID Assistant Administrators for Regional, Management and Technical Bureaus; and,
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that LULAC promote policies at USAID and at other federal agencies to bring them in line with a hiring standard consistent with the national civilian labor force levels in support of these above stated values; and,
BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, that LULAC maintain a task force to monitor progress consistent with hiring /standards, promotions to senior positions, retention programs with the end objective of achieving true "equal opportunity."



Approved this 18th day of July 2009.

Rosa Rosales
LULAC National President