Resolution - Support for the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act - The DREAM Act

WHEREAS, The League of United Latin American Citizens is the nation's oldest and largest Latino organization, founded in Corpus Christi, Texas on February 17, 1929; and
WHEREAS, throughout its history has committed itself to the principles that Latinos have equal access to the opportunities in employment, education, housing, and health care; and
WHEREAS, it is the philosophy upon which LULAC was founded that education and training is the cornerstone of progress; and
WHEREAS, the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act (DREAM Act) was first introduced in the United State Senate 2001, subsequently amended through the years but failed 8 votes short of reaching cloture on October 24,2007; and
WHEREAS, the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act - The DREAM Act" (S. 729/HR 1751) will provide undocumented immigrant youth in the United States with conditional residency and a pathway to citizenship provided they came here before the age of 16 and maintained continuous residence for 5 years, graduate from High School or obtain a GED, attend 2 years of college or join the military and have no criminal records; and
WHEREAS, this conditional residency is furthermore contingent upon requiring these students to be of ' good moral character, ' and complete either two years of post - secondary education at a community college or military service; and

WHEREAS, the DREAM Act is intended for individuals who were brought to the United States as children and who shall not be punished for the alleged transgressions of their parents, deserving to be judged according to their own character and merit regardless of their country of birth or immigrant statue and
WHEREAS, immigrant students lacking legal U.S. residency have had no other means of legalizing the status and therefore, should now be given the chance to ' get - in line,' while pursuing post secondary, education, obtain legal status and become citizens the country they call home, the United States of America; and
WHEREAS, no one gains from the creation of a permanent underc1ass that would come about as a result of denying these students the opportunity to purse higher education; and
WHEREAS, the United States of America needs young, educated and hard – working adults to complete in the global political economy; and
WHEREAS, the federal passage of the DREAM Act would make legally self evident what is true in "de facto": these undocumented students belong in our post - secondary institutions and are an American investment that we must not squander; and
WHEREAS, these students cannot afford to wait until Congress solves all the problems of our broken immigration system; then
THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the National League of United Latin American Citizens support the DREAM Act that will allow thousands of young students to realize their educational dreams and increase the opportunity for advancement and contribution within the American society.


Approved this 18th day of July 2009.

Rosa Rosales
LULAC National President