Resolution - For Fair Union Elections

WHEREAS, SEIU-UWH has responded to requested by employees to initiate efforts to have a fair union election and organize workers of the St. Joseph Health System, operated by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange.

WHEREAS, there are many examples of employees being targeted for harassment and intimidation by management of the St. Joseph Health System,

WHEREAS, there is a report issued by the Fair Election Commission on the on the systematic anti-union campaign conducted by the management of Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital which is affiliated with St. Joseph Health System; that employees were subjected to violations of their fundamental rights to organize and bargain collectively

WHEREAS, such violations are all the more distressing and confusing given our first hand experience working with the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange to improve the lives of working people and Latinos in Orange County

WHEREAS, it is of sincere hope that the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange will ensure that the values that have driven their many collaborations with the Latino community will be the values that lead the St. Joseph Health System

WHEREAS, our community joins in these effort of SEIU-UHW and continues to foster good relations and a deep sense of gratitude for the work that the Sisters of St. Joseph have done to make Orange County a better place for all of us.

BE IT RESOLVED THAT, Orange County LULAC District #1 supports SEIU-UWH in its organizing efforts by joining as a participant in their community support coalition.

BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the St. Joseph Health System be encouraged to enter into discussions with SEIU-UHW on a fair process for a union election that respects the rights of all employees which is the most principled and sensible resolution to these concerns of its employees.

BE IT RESOLVED THAT, LULAC District #1 would like to assist in resolving this issue in a manner that honors the legacy of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange and the work of the caregivers employed at the St. Joseph Health System.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT, the District Director of Orange County LULAC District 2 participate as a member of the coalition to provide leadership to the committee for a successful campaign, and the he/she provide the District Executive Board reviews of progress on these efforts.

Approved this 11th day of July 2008.
Rosa Rosales
LULAC National President