Resolution - Support of ACR 106

WHEREAS, California LULAC abhors violence and is committed to the principles of non-violence; and

WHEREAS, Assembly Member Pedro Nava has introduced ACR 106 to urge social networking

THEREFORE be it resolved that California LULAC endorses ACR 106 and authorizes the State Officers, State Legislative Director, and State Public Relations Director to use any necessary and proper means to promote this important legislation.

Relative to Violence on the Internet

Legislative Council’s Digest

ACR 106, as introduced, Nava. The Internet Violence Prevention Act of 2008:

With the spread of the Internet as a powerful communication tool that provides immeasurable benefits, it is recognized that it can also be used for criminal purposed and to disseminate and propagate inappropriate content.

This measure urges social networking sites to take action to remove violent, sexual, criminal and other inappropriate content posted to their sites and to limit access by minors, to such content.

WHEREAS, the Internet, and the explosion of social networking sites around the world has provided access to millions of people to communicate with words, photo and video content; and

WHEREAS, social networking sites on the Internet provide access to all forms and types of contest, some of which may be violent, criminal and inappropriate in nature to minors; and

WHEREAS, recently, Attorney Generals from 49 United States, including California, and on0line safety advocates signed an agreement with social networking site MySpace to create and industry-wide Internet Safety Technical Task Force devoted to finding and developing tools to enhance a safer on-line experience for children; and

WHEREAS, the California Legislature strongly urges other social networking sites to join with MySpace and work with said Task Force and create and develop tools to enhance a safer on-line experience fore children and the public; and

WHEREAS, the California Legislature urges social networking sites to actively remove violent, graphic, explicit and criminal content from their web sites immediately; and

WHEREAS, the California Legislature urges social networking sites to work with law enforcement to deter, investigate and prosecute those who utilize their services in the commission of criminal behavior; and

WHEREAS, the California Legislature calls upon the Governor to create a similar state task force to address the proliferation of violence on the internet and to issue recommendations for measures by which it may be combated.

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Chief Clerk of the California State Assembly transmit copies of the resolution to the Governor and the Chief Executive Officers of MySpace, YouTube, Facebook and others.

Approved this 11th day of July 2008.
Rosa Rosales
LULAC National President