Resolution - Restricted Health Licenses

WHEREAS, LULAC is the oldest Hispanic organization promoting civil rights for all Hispanics in the United States, and;

WHEREAS, the mission of the League of United Latin American Citizens is to advance the economic condition, educational attainment, political influence, health and civil rights of the Hispanic population of the United States, and

WHEREAS, Latin American health Workers (Physician and Nurses) immigrants are hard working people whose work skills, knowledge and work ethics are needed for our great nation, especially because they have the cultural advantage of having the same language of millions Latin American patients and families. Without this vital workforce, our nation would come to a virtual standstill in numerous areas which include but are not limited to Health. These Latinos need to work in their respective areas, and

WHEREAS, According to the rules, an International Medical Graduate (IMG) is “A person who was trained in a medical school that is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools published by the World Health Organization and is located in a country other than the United States, Canada, or Puerto Rico”, and

WHEREAS, different States require to present and approve the USMLE Tests and get the ECFMG Certificate in order to obtain a valid Medical License, beside other items like finishing at least 2 years of a Clinical Residency or Fellowship, negative history of legal problems, sanctions, etc., and;

WHEREAS, IMGs who reside in the United States do all the Things the rules order, present and pass USMLE Tests, obtain the ECFMG Certificate, invest time and money, and do the inscription in a program (National Resident Matching Program/NRMP) that is oriented to get a place in a institutional Residency (Specialty); however there is a big difference between the amount of places and the amount of applicants. Only around 45% of them obtain a place in Specialty Program, and

WHEREAS, observing all the requirements does assure nothing to the IMGs, except other payments, lost time, anxiety, sacrifices and untrue future regarding their career, and,

WHEREAS, the inability to obtain Medical Licenses has not only created tremendous hardship to IMGs, but also forces them to work in areas that are far from their capabilities and the skills, instead preventing diseases, promoting health and staying beside patients with chronic health problems,


The League of United Latin American Citizens-LULAC- express their full-fledge support to the rightful and legitimate aspiration of IMGs in the United States of America and look for a Restricted License to practice Medicine. LULAC will join and support all initiatives, present and future, through which IMGs will develop in order to obtain a full Medical License through a Restricted License.

LULAC will advocate for change in the Statutes of whichever States to ensure that IMGs can practice their career in the States.

Approved this 11th day of July 2008.
Rosa Rosales
LULAC National President