Resolution - Support for Senator Hinchey’s Sgt. Carmelo Rodriguez Bill

WHEREAS, LULAC has always been a strong advocate and supporter for all members of the Armed Forces; and

WHEREAS, numerous Hispanics have proudly served their country and many have received the Congressional Medal of Honor; and

WHEREAS, LULAC promotes, defends and seeks to reverse an injustice that prevents the service men/women and their families from holding the military accountable for negligent health care; and

WHEREAS, Congressman Maurice Hinchey’s (Democratic-NY) introduced a Bill, the Sgt. Carmelo Rodriguez Bill that would enable the Rodriguez family and others (soldiers) to hold the Military accountable for Negligent Medical Care;

WHEREAS, Sgt. Carmelo Rodriguez, a Marine who served in Iraq died at the age of 29 after serving his country from 1997 to 2005; and

WHEREAS, Hinchey’s Bill (Sgt. Carmelo Rodriguez) would legislatively reverse the US Supreme Court’s 1950 decision Feres vs. United States in which the court denied military members and their families of the right to sue the military for negligent medical care given to them during their time of service; and

WHEREAS, LULAC should seek other Congressman and Senators as Co-Sponsors for passing this Legislation,

NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved that LULAC supports the Senator Hinchey’s “Sgt. Carmelo Rodriguez Bill” medical accountability act of 2008 and join in demanding this medical Compensation for our military members and will not accept a shameful denial of their rights that those service members and will not accept a shameful denial of their rights that those service members served and died for.

Approved this 12th day of July 2008.
Rosa Rosales
LULAC National President