Resolution - Immigration Reform

WHEREAS, the United States is a country of immigrants; settled, built, and made powerful by immigrants from all over the world, and

WHEREAS, immigration has always been a reality of American society and immigrants continue to populate our country and contribute to its greatness; and

WHEREAS, California has always been a leading state of immigrants, becoming a diverse state with peoples from throughout the globe; and

WHEREAS, immigration constitutes a national interest relying on the federal government for its policies and guidance; and

WHEREAS the country’s consensus is that immigration policies are, indeed, broken and in dire need of repair and responsible leadership; and

WHEREAS, the federal governments recent failed attempts to create a comprehensive immigration reform policy have resulted in alienation of all Latinos and a sharp increase in hate crimes against Latinos, including native-born citizens and residents;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED, that LULAC Orange County District #1 implore its local, state and national elected officials to work together toward the development and passage of a comprehensive immigration reform policy that hnors and respects all U.S. citizens and residents.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that LULAC Orange County District #1 will support immigration reform policies that respect the integrity and dignity of all people, families, and individuals.

Approved this 11th day of July 2008.
Rosa Rosales
LULAC National President