Resolution - Grocery Store

WHEREAS, in 1905 Florence Butt open the C.C.Butt Grocery Store in Kerrville, Texas and has build more than 230 stores by 1990 and now expanding into Mexico, has continued serving the community with small store services,

WHEREAS, HEB Grocery Store has depended on the lower income customers and has been able to continue to give jobs, reliable goods, services, and assisting the community according to their needs.

WHEREAS, HEB Grocery Store in its growth has added services that the community has requested, for example a Bakery, Electric Carts for the handicapped, delivery for their customers who need help and the handicapped, parking for those in need. All these additions were made in response to the need of the community,

WHEREAS, HEB management has always kept the well being of all its customers and has been very conscious of the their needs and works with its employees in keeping their store clean and well stocked with prices that are affordable for their customers,

WHEREAS, HEB has moved from a family style store to a corporation store it still continues to give the best services to its customers it is committed and continues its policy that its employees be treated as partners and not just as employees. HEB has continued to be aware of the many competitors and therefore works to keep its prices competitive,

RESOLVED, The League of United Latin American Citizens acknowledges the good service and the quality of the products it serves to its customers. We believe that HEB will continue to serve the community of San Antonio and the suffounding communities and Mexico.

THEREFORE, LET IT BE RESOLVED, The League of United Latin American Citizens
(LIJLAC), which would like to see that the Corporation continue to be sensitive and act positively on the possible loss on one of the oldest stores sir San Antonio, Texas which if it closes will deprive its customers of this amenity they who have supported this store for so many years, however, HEB is preparing the closing of this store located at 2700 S. Presa, in San Antonio, Texas number 6, this will be a disservice to the customers who live in the area and will constitute a hardship for them. The community needs your understanding and help in keeping this store open. We of LULAC, while considering the HEB Corporation as a good neighbor, urge you to reconsider keeping this valuable store open for the good and welfare of the community who have for so many years considered your services such a valuable service.

Approved this 11th day of July 2008.
Rosa Rosales
LULAC National President