Resolution - In Support of the Victims of the “Canada Dream” to Receive the I-918 for U Nonimmigrant Status

WHEREAS, it is a documented fact that it has been known through the international, national and local media that there was an overflow of undocumented immigrants from the Southwest of Florida into Canada looking for political asylum;

WHEREAS, it is known that several dozens of undocumented immigrants were intercepted between Florida and the Canadian borders resulting in the arrest and/or deportation of many “dream followers”. Many were deported to Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador and many other Latin countries;

WHEREAS, the Attorney General, after conducting his own investigation, found that Jerusalem Haitian Community Center and its directive were improperly offering immigrants assistance in obtaining permanent residence in Canada, and made the finding that these assertions were flawed and potentially deceptive;

WHEREAS, it is publicly known that LULAC Civil Rights Council #7115, acted in behalf of 400 undocument4ed immigrants winning the civil case and recuperating their money; and having Jerusalem Haitian Community Center closed and forbidding its director from working in a non-profit organization again;

WHEREAS, LULAC Civil Rights Council #7115 is requesting the Government grant the I-918, U Nonimmigrant Status to the 24 brave victims who are going to testify for the Government.

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED to request the Federal Government to grant the I-918, U nonimmigrant Status to the 24 undocumented immigrants who were victims of Human Trafficking and who have already testify for the investigating officers, and are eager to testify in open court.

Approved this 11th day of July 2008.
Rosa Rosales
LULAC National President