Oppose Cap on 10 Per Cent Rule

WHEREAS, the League of United Latin American Citizens supports the purpose of fostering and enlarging the opportunities for training, education, civil rights, job opportunities, housing, economic development, and welfare of all Hispanic citizens of the United States; and

WHEREAS, it is the philosophy upon which LULAC was founded that education and training is the cornerstone of progress; and

WHEREAS, LULAC is committed to improving the educational opportunities of America’s youth; and

WHEREAS, in 1997 the state of Texas enacted the 10 percent rule; and

WHEREAS, minority enrollment at major universities began to climb; and

WHEREAS, the University of Texas System regents endorsed a proposal that would limit the number of students who can enroll at the University of Texas under the state’s automatic admission law; and

WHEREAS, setting CAPS on existing law would adversely affect minority students, and would set us back to the pre-Affirmative Action period, when major universities became exclusive institution where few minority students could gain admissions

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, at the 2007 LULAC District Convention held in Laredo, Texas on April 21, 2007 by a majority vote of the delegates present, that the League of United Latin American Citizens wholeheartedly OPPOSE any CAP on the 10 percent rule as passed by the University of Texas regents, and urge our local senator to support Sen. Royce West, SB 128 which only proposes cosmetic changes to the law, but retains the essence of the law.

Approved this 14th day of July 2007.

Rosa Rosales
LULAC National President

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