WHEREAS, the League of United Latin American Citizens in this nation’s oldest and largest Latino membership and civil right organization, founded in 1929, to foster, promote and advocate for the upward mobility and advancement of all Latinos at all levels and facets within our American society; and

WHEREAS, the HSOC started informally in 1995 as an idea and is now the largest and most comprehensive partnership in the History of New Mexico, the Southwest and nationally; and

WHEREAS, the HSOC has partnered with Local, State and National organizations covering grass roots organizations, educational institutions, government agencies, public and private corporations and private institutions; and

WHEREAS, this partnership agrees to work cooperatively, collectively and comprehensively to advance the Hispanic community and seek parity for Hispanics as outlined in the agreement in education, employment, economic development and cultural advancement of the Hispanic community; and

WHEREAS, the HSOC was officially signed on September 3rd 1998 and is the organization which brought in such programs as ENLACE (Engaging Latino Communities for Education) which has provided educational support and drop-out prevention for over 102,000 students to date, the development of the Hispanic Resume Database – which will actively store over 50,000 resumes in all fields, created job placement for thousands of Hispanics in employment, development of the Hispanic Business Database, tremendous support and resources toward the development of the National Hispanic Cultural Center, partnerships with De Colores, Educational Scholarships to numerous institutions, leadership development for youth, financial grants for Big Brother/Big Sisters, Partners with Junior Achievement, national award winning small business programs for Sandia National Labs, Los Alamos National Labs and the Public Service Company of New Mexico, advocacy for Hispanic artisans, poets, musicians and the preservation of the Spanish language, culture, history, heritage; and

WHEREAS, this partnership is viewed as a going concern and continuous work in process until all goals and objectives outlined in the HSOC are fully accomplished; and

WHEREAS, we fully support the goals and objectives of the HSOC and support the growth and development of the HSOC;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, by LULAC that we become an active signatory to this important partnership. That LULAC become an integral member of this partnership in the advancement of Hispanic education, employment, Ecomomic development and cultural Involvement to ensure parity at all levels in all areas.

Adopted this 14th day of July 2007.

Rosa Rosales
LULAC National President

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