Resolution calls for the support and endorsement of the Hispanic American diabetes foundation in combating diabetes mellitus and the 2nd Latin American HADF Theater Festival 2006

WhereaS, It LULAC throughout its history has committed itself to the principle that Hispanic Americans have equal access to opportunities in employment, education,, housing and health care; and 

WhereaS, LULAC has supported the principle of equal opportunities for economic development, political influence, civil rights and the general welfare for all Hispanic Americans in the United States; and  

WhereaS, the health status of the Hispanic community in the United States has improved slightly however, there remains serious challenges. In light of growth of the Hispanic immigrant population in the little Havana area and increasing needs for quality heath care, Hispanics continue facing historic and systemic barriers to access availability and affordability of health care; and 

WhereaS, the Hispanic Little Havana community is experiencing the Diabetes Mellitus as a chronic disease characterized by hyperglycemia (elevated levels of sugar in the blood) and imbalance of metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. This disease affects a large number of our Hispanic population. For example: Diabetes type 2 is three times higher among Hispanics then non-Hispanics; and 

WhereaS, the Mission of the Hispanics American Diabetes Foundation/Youth Art Talent Program is to establish a nexus between the community and the arts by utilizing cultural educational centers to raise awareness of diabetes education and prevention through the arts.  


Adopted this 1st day of July 2006.

Rosa Rosales
LULAC National President

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