Resolution In Defense of the Media 

WhereaS, it is then documented and recorded in the public records of Collier County, Florida, that there has been a flagrant disregard and violation of civil rights, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press against Las Naciones News with office in Naples, Florida, and its editor, Victor A. Valdes; and 

WhereaS, Mr.Valdes alleges that he has suffered harassment, persecution, and false accusations and conviction based on false testimonies. In addition, he alleges that the evidence is so overwhelming that LULAC is compelled to prevent other members of the press from experiencing the same type of abuses he has suffered throughout his years of harassment.   

WhereaS, the latest civil rights violations against Mr. Valdez in Florida merit Governor Jeb Bush appointing a special prosecutor; and 

WhereaS, similar complaints were initiated by Mr. Valdes in the Florida Department of Law Enforcement case # E- 1250013 for cover up of corruption and perjury by public officials and concluded without cause. 

now therefore, be it resolved, to request the re-opening of case Florida Department of Law Enforcement case # E- 1250013 in view of the recent occurrences as well as resignations of Florida Department of Law Enforcement officials; and 

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, to request the United States Department of Justice to initiate an investigation of the accusations contained in the publications under the First Amendment, August of 2004 edition, and several other editions of the Las Naciones News.


Adopted this 1st day of July 2006.

Rosa Rosales
LULAC National President

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