OPPOSE H.R. 4437 

Whereas, the United States of America is the greatest IMMIGRANT-created country in the world; and 

Whereas, immigrants from across the globe have always contributed to the building of our nation; and 

Whereas, Latino immigrants have distinguished themselves as the backbone of USA’s peace-time economy; and 

Whereas, Latino immigrant families have sent young men and women off to war, where they have performed bravely and have been highly decorated for gallantry in action; and 

Whereas, in 2006 there are over 70,000 Latino immigrants serving THEIR country in the U.S. military and maintaining the legacy as “the most highly decorated soldiers and sailors;” and 

Whereas, today’s immigrants in the military, like their predecessors, have displayed great loyalty to our nation; and  

Whereas, today Latino immigrants are the workforce leaders in child care, elder care, home care, facility care, home building, food service, hospitality, yard care and in the words of President George W. Bush “are the workforce leaders in any and all work that Americans won’t do;” and 

Whereas, Latino immigrants continue to provide these fruits and vegetables that feed the nation and half the world, 

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that national LULAC and the American people reject HR 4437 and any like versions that attempt to depict or declare immigrants as criminals and look to support comprehensive immigration legislation that recognizes the ongoing contributions of Latinos and other immigrants, reflects justice and fairness in the best tradition of the American way, and that recognizes the historical and on-going contributions of immigrants to our country’s sovereignty and their key roles in our economic prosperity, 

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that LULAC re-declares that immigrants, and in specific Latino immigrants, are still the backbone of the U.S. economy and have the right to immigrate here and steward the American dream.


Adopted this 1st day of July 2006.

Rosa Rosales
LULAC National President

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