A resolution calling on members and California citizens calling on members to join Californians for technology and video choice as proposed in legislation currently pending before the California State legislature “AB 2987” 

WhereaS, LULAC recognizes that the Latino population is a growth segment for the broadband market; and  

WhereaS, LULAC strongly advocates for the increase of Hispanic oriented programming in all facets of the media; and 

WhereaS, Programming should provide a positive and accurate portrayal of the cultural breadth of Latino’s and their contributions to the United States, one that recognizes and celebrates the diversity of the Latino population and culture. 

WhereaS, LULAC advocates for accessibility and affordability of technology and telecommunication services in Latino communities; and 

WhereaS, Accessibility to culturally relevant content and affordability of new technologies is good for the marketplace and is needed for Latino communities; 

WhereaS, Cable prices have soared over fifty percent since 1996 due to lack of competition in the video marketplace. These steady price hikes adversely impact the Latino Communities. 

WhereaS, The Government Accountability Office reports that where there is a competition to cable, prices are 17% lower on average; and 

WhereaS, The California State Legislature is currently considering AB2987 by speaker Fabian Nunez; and 

WhereaS, LULAC supports the acceleration o f the expansion of the broadband and video choice, given that it will increase consumer choice in Latino communities thereby increasing diverse programming, accessibility and affordability to emerging technologies in the video marketplace.


Adopted this 1st day of July 2006.

Rosa Rosales
LULAC National President

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