Denial of Dr. Moskowitz a Casino License in Hawailan Gardens, CA.

WHEREAS, the City of Hawaiian Gardens is the smallest municipality in the State of California, a largely Hispanic community of approximately 15,000 residents living in a total area of less than a square mile, a town struggling with poverty, inadequate social services, political corruption and gang activity;

WHEREAS, since 1995, when former mayor Kathy Navejas, was unjustly recalled from office by forces controlled by Dr. Irving Moskowitz, a developer and gaming businessman;

WHEREAS, in July of 2000, former State Assemblyman Scott Wildman published a report highly critical of the Moskowitz abuse of California's redevelopment laws in building a casino in Hawaiian Gardens;

WHEREAS, the blatant exploitation of undocumented workers in the Moskowitz Foundation's mammoth bingo operation has been documented;

WHEREAS, the requirements for gaming licenses in the State of California offer a high threshold in the area of the applicant's character;

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, at the National Convention of LULAC calls upon Bill Lockyer, Attorney General of the State of California, and the California State Gambling Commission, to deny Dr. Irving Moskowitz a gaming license for the casino currently operating in the City of Hawaiian Gardens.

Submitted by:
Irvine Council #2997
Kings Council #2884
Council 2895 and Council 2862

Approved this 9th day of June, 2001.

Rick Dovalina
LULAC National President

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